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Monday, April 10, 2006


I believe in relevant connectivity among websites. I built as a kind of sibling to to help me build upon relevant link content. A great deal of Health Shopper's
content is linked to While the activist-oriented content at the poison site lies outside the scope of Health Shopper's solution-oriented site, the subject matters at either
site can easily be derived from each other. For example, the page talks about the dangers of genetically modified organisms as our food supply while the page at explains how to counter the depleted nutrient, GMO crops by growing your own vegetables in a super rich mineral base. Of course, activist oriented links can still be found throughout Health Shopper If it provides a means to protect your health from the greedy corporate crackheads.

Your support at Health Shopper keeps the research and relevant content going at, reports on life issues, which provides a better, more esoteric understanding of why Health Shopper exists. I hope we can form the same kind of symbiotic relationship with your comments on how well the Health Shopper network is doing and how we can better
improve services to help you.

Your Health is Priceless - You're a Health Shopper!



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