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Monday, April 10, 2006

I would like to officially bid eDiets a fond farewell because my business relationship with them was a really good one while it lasted. Alas, they left my kind, user friendly affiliate network for a not-so-nice other one... I hope that NutriSystem offers everyone even more successful results as they are the newest affiliate at Health Shopper, but well known for their successful results.

You may recognize the brand from certain fat loss oriented TV shows like the Celebrity Fitness Club. (I still remember Victoria Jackson feeding some of her NutriSystem crackers to her dog.) The only problem I have with NutriSystem at this moment is that I have yet to obtain a report of nutritional analysis of their meals, their system of preparation, and exactly where they get their ingredients (I can only assume that there are no GMO crops involved because NutriSystem claims their meals are "nutrient rich").

I know that their meals are "soft" canned and easily prepared. I also understand that NutriSystem can fit any lifestyle whether you're always busy or relatively sedentary. Each meal and snack is "rich in essential nutrients." Since there has been weight loss reported instead of
sickness or fatalities, then I will have to trust NutriSystem for now.

Have I tried it? No. When I need it - I'll try it. In fact, I've tried soft-canned MREs (meals ready to eat) that have been prepared for the military. Those meals are also nutritious, but the flavour is no substitute for freshly prepared food. Let's put it this way: If you're too busy or involved to figure out how to cook and proportion your meals so you can get back into shape, then NutriSystem is for you. Visit and read testimonials from average people who used an uncomplicated weight loss diet and got back into shape.

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