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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Updates and Corrections at Health Shopper

The Allergy Relief Solutions page is open. There is a ton of information on allergies that I have yet to publish, so this may translate into a new site at or something simular.

OK. I have decided that I am NOT going to transfer the content of to The scriptural content is irrelevent to Health Shopper and simply not transferable, but I will keep the virtual Detox site. There is detox information accumulating in different areas such as the alcoholism solutions page at which will become a new site at - but later. is going to be transferred to a new site at because I would like to get more into the sports conditioning process using nutraceuticals and advanced training methods.

Another new site coming is which will focus on advanced electromedicine. Bioresonant technologies were developed by physicians who were literally 8-balled by the orthodox scientific community over the past century because such advanced science does not fit into the paradigm of decadent western society; decadent because it is under the drug-oriented control of the multi-national pharmaceutical industry.

The contents of is going to be transferred to the new site, in the spirit of alternative health practices in controlling your mind pattern to stay healthy.

Those are the updates for now.

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