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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

06/13/2006 Site Updates

I'm sorry to keep everyone waiting for the promised sites at and I've been working backwards from a hair analysis service I plan on instituting this summer. The site will be at The
service itself will be advertised through eBay especially since eBay recently struck a deal with Yahoo to present their listings.

This is a great opportunity for me to finally get Health Shopper back on Yahoo. Quite frankly, I'm not sure why Health Shopper was in the top ten on Yahoo years ago when it first started out, but can no longer be found now that that the site and its links are being optimised on a continuous basis. Oh Well.

The hair analysis service will NOT be a chemical analysis as everyone else offers through a third party lab. This hair analysis service I will offer can be done using bio energetic resonance monitoring equipment (aka electronic kinesiology) via harmonic translation; this equipment allows analysis for essential vitamins and minerals, toxic substances, and live monitoring of the subject via radionic interface. The harmonic translator is also programmed with different healing modalities to fit the needs of the patient; these modalities vary from homeopathy to orthomolecular medicine to traditional Chinese medicine. Unlike other hair analysis services that charge a sliding scale according to the number of minerals to be monitored, there will be only one flat price for my complete hair analysis service. The service I charge will be all encompassing because of the advanced technology involved. will help lead into this subject of hair analysis as it will cover theories of bioenergetics, radionics, and harmonic translation at an esoteric level. Bioenergetics can be used for optimising one's health as well as healing. Steroids and other controlled substances are a thing of the past.

Nutraceutical sciences in the present are for enhancing athletic performance are going; they are to be available through, but there is an extra added incentive for
athletes to use advanced technologies for enhancing performance: Bioenergetics allow athletes to discover exactly which nutrients are needed specifically for them to excel in their particular sport when using the orthomolecular modality. The bioenergetic function of harmonic
translation provides this kind of personal counseling; not only does it provide a custom modality for holistic healing from chronic ailments, it also allows a customised regimen of enhancement for those who need to exceed in their athletic performance.

This is only a small fraction of what harmonic translation has to offer. I will also be extending these services in the fields of veterinary science and agriculture. This advanced branch of bioenergetics needs only a small tissue sample from animal or plant in helping with all sorts
of chronic ailments. At the moment, I am studying the field of hair analysis to make sure that the service I will offer will exceed all others. Yes, there are already health practitioners who use this
equipment. It's probable that one of the hair analysis services out there use this equipment. I will be joining in that same fold. All I need to do is put together all the necessary presentation materials for you - AND the bucks to pay for a harmonic translator.

So, please, be kind to your self and shop for your health. My commission is going towards advanced healing and enhancement for YOU.

Your Health is Priceless - You're a Health Shopper

Randolph, webmaster @


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