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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Extra update for 06/13/2006

I almost forgot to mention a new article I published, "History of Essiac, a Famous Cancer Treatment." The page for this article is best viewed as a scrolling pop up window (a direct link to this page would look and act weird). Therefore, please look for this link named History of Essiac at the index page of and at the bottom of under "related articles." The history of Rene Caisse, RN, and the formula which she acquired from one of her patients and perfected throughout the years provides insite as to the workings of the orthodox medical machine.

In the early and mid 20th century, Essiac worked where orthodox medicine failed. Today, Essiac is sold as an immune system enhancer; it is a synergistic formula handed from an Ontario Indian Medicine Man to a white person who was suffering from cancer. The compassion of Native Americans knows no end, neither do the compassionate healers of any other culture.

You see, the Essiac formula may not be a panacea for all ailments, but it does fit under the category of alternative treatments that succeed where mainstream medical doctors fail. Notice that I say "medical doctors" not "medical science." Medical science in and of itself, when practiced morally and ethically, should be an open healing source that is accepting
of viable alternate remedies. Unfortunately, orthodox medical doctors back in the early 20th century as today are more interested in protecting their reputations within their elitist society. On top of this, most orthodox physicians are subsidized and trained by the multi-national
pharmaceutical companies; their work places are flooded with drug-oriented paraphenalia and drug-oriented periodicals left there by their friendly neighborhood, drug-oriented, pharmaceutical PR person. Essiac is only one example of alternative treatments that have been
discredited and shunned by mainstream medical society. Don't get me wrong - there are a number of truly compassionate, altruistic physicians out there, many of which are cited in "The History of Essiac." I believe the altruistic physicians practice REAL medical science which is (or is supposed to be) an open-minded, open healing source which allows viable healing modalities to flourish; this is in direct opposition to the elitist orthodox physicians who use their credentials as a license to kill.

The elitist physicians work mainly for corporations and government bodies; they are out to protect the reputations of other elitists (friends in high places); they are out to protect their expensive medical procedures in spite of safer, more effective, advanced solutions; they
are out to protect the pharmaceutical companies and their drugs as opposed to biologically safe and effective solutions. Unfortunately, these same elitist physicians represent a large and powerful government in tandem with large and powerful, multi-national corporations that care
far more for profits than people. They do not represent the consumer, but they WILL trick you with their lies.

I'll try to have a lighter mood next time. I just want you to look out for yourself and your loved ones. Be Safe.

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