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Friday, June 23, 2006

Me and You and an adsense named Yahoo

If you have not noticed already, Yahoo now has adsense just like Google. I am giving Yahoo Adsense a shot. You can find 468 X 60 ads at the bottom of most of the pages at You can also find them at a few more pages like the Bird Flu page.

I'm giving Yahoo a chance, but I am stretching them a bit with the subject matter which ranges from controversial to esoteric. I want to make sure that Yahoo knows what kind of website they are dealing with, so they had better come up with appropriate advertisers to match the content - or else they are gone.

Google has been relatively good at doing this and the only time I had a complaint from them is when I put their adsense in a place with risqué content, namely, I will probably test the limits of Yahoo by putting their adsense at I saw nothing in Yahoo's terms about putting their adsense with risqué content, but they definitely don't want Google's adsense on the same page with theirs.

Yahoo adsense is still in the beta stage. Please let me know over the next few months if the ads on Yahoo Adsense remain stupid or if they are actually showing relevant ads for my over the top content. Thanks for your help



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