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Sunday, June 04, 2006


I would like to discuss NutriSystem with my visitors. features NutriSystem. In my opinion, it's not exactly up to par as far as Health Shopper offerings. I have asked the affiliate manager for NutriSystem if there are any doctor endorsements or celebrity endorsements for NutriSystem. Unfortunately, there are no such endorsements according to the affiliate manager. This is unusual considering that NutriSystem is the featured product on "Celebrity Fit Club" which seems to work for the celebrities who use it and it seems to be endorsed by one of the doctors on the judging panel.

What's more, the testimonial I have published at are from people with atypical results. I have asked for clinical studies with demographic results
employing NutriSystem and nutritional information on some of their meals. I assume that no such information exists for affiliates because the affiliate manager has yet to respond to my request.

I would be very interested to know the experience of those who are using or have used NutriSystem. Please let me know your happy and/or horror stories. If any of you could also provide nutritional analysis from the label of any of the NutriSystem meals, then I will show my appreciation to you with a free gift (contact me through webmaster @ I'll see what music CD, movie DVD, or e-book might interest you.)

As you know from my previous posts that I oppose junk foods ingredients. If I find that there are any life-negative, toxic ingredients or too many horror stories, then I will drop NutriSystem like a hot potato.

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