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Monday, July 31, 2006

Fight For Your Health and the Lives of Your Children

I promised myself that I would not get into so many heavy issues at the Curiosity Corner. Unfortunately, there are people constantly undermining our health; these are the multi-national pharmaceutical companies and the government offices who collaberate with them. Please read about their latest onslaught:

Any attack on freedom is the business of every American.

We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is time to stand up and fight for our health.

Byron J. Richards, author of Fight for Your Health
Exposing The FDA's Betrayal of America

As for the specifics of what is happening in America with the corporatization of our medical system, Richards illustrates with his every paragraph and footnote that a new public health plan is being put in place that should alarm anyone and everyone who believes in personal freedom. I have paraphrased the key elements of this new public health plan, as well as his list of evidence, briefly below:

  1. All personal health data is to be registered in a national database owned by the government. Bar-coded drug labels and progress of treatment are to be included.
  2. Comprehensive "mental health" screening along with appropriate medication will be dispensed for every child before he or she enters school. All mental health data will also be in the national database. The pilot project for this, Teen Screen, is already operating in 43 states.
  3. An FDA-approved computer chip will be implanted in every American as a requirement to receive health services. It will be programmable, contain all personal health history, and tracking capability via satellite. The Verichip is now being marketed as the VeriMed Patient Identification System. Eighty hospitals and several hundred doctors have already signed up.
  4. Doctors' offices are to become part of a massive "clinical trial" for dispensing of new, unproven drugs. This is the FDA's top priority for the next five years. The program is called "Critical Path to Personalized Medicine Initiative."
  5. Patients will not be legally able to sue for damages caused by drugs. The FDA backs this Big Pharma protection.
  6. The DNA of every citizen will be on file with the FDA. Collection of this information will be in the guise of better safety but will lead to more sophisticated ways of profiling of people for social control.
  7. International laws are being passed which allow multinational corporations to own patents on life-science inventions related to natural life processes as well as how nutrients and herbs work in the body. (Ownership of these life-forms and processes gives control of access to nutrients to corporate interests.)
  8. The availability of beneficial nutritional supplements as a health option will be gone. Big Pharma, with the help of governments (including ours) is already targeting high-quality nutritional supplements to get them off the market. Big Pharma is preparing to take over this industry to protect its most profitable drugs. Part of the goal is to patent what it can of the dietary supplement products and to make them available by prescription only, as well as to jack up prices for what little low quality and low dosage dietary supplements remain on the over-the-counter market. Europeans are already seeing this happen.


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