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Monday, August 21, 2006

The fluoride added to drinking water is NOT sourced from naturally-occurring fluoride mineral deposits

The vast majority of the fluoride added to drinking water is
fluorosilicic acid, a toxic byproduct of coal plants. This fluorosilicic
acid is collected from pollution scrubbers inside coal plant smokestacks,
filtered, liquefied, then sold to cities as fluoride treatment. It
contains no naturally-occurring mineral fluoride whatsoever. (Calcium
Fluoride is highly insoluable and occurs in deep earth deposits - away
from living creatures as God intended) Most cities and water
municipalities lie to their residents and say they're using
"naturally-occurring fluoride," when, in fact, they are buying toxic
waste fluorosilicic acid because it's much less expensive. To learn more,

More information on artificial fluoridation at


Tell EPA to Reject Dangerous Fluoride-Based Pesticides Stop Dow Chemical
from getting EPA approval for a fluoride-based food pesticide that's
harmful to babies and children. New research from the National Academy of
Sciences shows that overexposure to fluoride carries serious health

Tell the EPA not to allow more fluoride in our food--there's already too
much in our water. Please act now before the agency's August 4th
deadline. Here is a sample letter:

Dear EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson:

I am deeply concerned about the high levels of fluoride in food and
drinking water. Already, the National Academy of Sciences has said that
the current levels of fluoride in tap water are unsafe. We should not be
subjected to even more fluoride in our food as a result of fluoride-based
pesticides. The health risks from overexposure to fluoride are enormous,
including impaired brain functioning, tooth and bone damage, thyroid and
pineal gland disorders and worsened diabetes. Scientists are still
researching other serious health consequences, including cancer, lowered
IQs and immune system dysfunction. Please oppose any pesticide
regulations that would lead to more fluoride in the nation's food supply.
I am especially concerned about the effect of fluoride overexposure on
vulnerable populations such as babies, children and adults who drink
larger than average amounts of water, such as diabetics.

Thank you for allowing public comment on this serious issue.


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