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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Health Shopper is Closing on October 26


I'm sorry I haven't been to the blog in a while. I have been distracted
by a number of problems by computer problems and other problems in my
life. I am spread to thinly across too many sites to really give my best
effort to Health Shopper. I had acquired this site sometime in the late
90's, left it for a year, then came back to it. has
seen a number of incarnations. I would say that the main problem is that
I have been trying to make it the "Walmart" of health malls instead of
focusing on a niche and expanding from there.

I'm the kind of person who likes to provide many choices and solutions,
but, in doing that, I've spread myself too thinly between business
partners, site management, and my own projects outside of the web. In
fact, I've hardly touched in the last few months. I
don't believe this is fair to my regular visitors who expect fresh
content on a weekly or even daily basis.

On top of this, I recently learned that my webhost is not serving up all
of my pages correctly if at all. This is highly disruptive to my
business and profits and is intolerable if I expect to survive. I
realize that my web design is somewhat demanding, but my premise is to
deliver the most efficient web experience to my visitors and my present
webhost isn't cutting the job.

In the next few days, I'm going to be switching to a new webhost with a
new domain name (hopefully an attention grabber according to my
research). I will do my best to make the migration as smooth as possible
while streamlining my work effort. I can tell you for sure that the
first month will probably be huge headache. In fact, I will be combining
most of the content at with most of the Health Shopper
content at the new site. I will be leaving out some irrelevent

For instance, I will be letting go of and because writing I am just wasting my time
writing about the problems in this world if noone is willing to help do
anything about them. I will also let go of because I have lost NutriSystem as a
business partner (i.e. I was spread too thinly among other distractions).
I will also let go of because I have made no
money here. I'm going to be thinning out any extraneous information and
sales pages, so I can concentrate on my niche and focus on giving my
visitors the most interesting if not the best web experience possible
within my area of expertise.

I believe that I have been riding the Health Shopper wave long enough.
The wave has been dying down for months because of poor service.
Business is going to pick up because I'm going to connect it with eBay

For the few of you who have provided tremendous support through out the
years, I hope to serve you even better with this new, dependable site.
Thank you, Thank you, and thanks again because...

Your Health is Priceless - You're a Health Shopper


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