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Monday, December 18, 2006

Basic Premise of Bioresonance

Basic tenants for bioresonance exist in the subatomic biophysics of living bodies. We can understand how bioresonant plasma or electrical signals can influence the living body by first understanding the oscillatory facets which are affected therein:

Here are some guesses that physicists think fit best into the present aggregate of experience:

1. All matter, even the living human body, is composed of molecules, and molecules are aggregates of atoms.

2. Atoms are aggregates of electrical particles called electrons, protons, neutrons,etc.

3. All these: molecules, atoms, and their constituent electrical particles are in continual motion (zero point energy).

4. The rate of this motion is influenced by temperature, mass, dimensions and the electromagnetic field in which the body is moving.

5. An electrical particle in motion is surrounded by a magnetic field, so it is not surprising that these particles show both electrical and magnetic properties.

6. Now if any material oscillates in a magnetic field, it sets up an electrical disturbance that alternates to and fro. This is called an alternating current.

7. Combining 5 and 6, we expect that all matter is continually generating alternating currents.

8. The intensity and frequency of these electrical disturbances is influenced by the conductivity of the body, the intensity of the magnetic field, and the speed with which the body moves in the magnetic field.

9. Combining 7 and 8, we should expect each body of matter to have a characteristic alternating current.

10. Household current is generated by a body oscillating through a magnetic field 60 times per second.

11. Radio waves are current alternating millions of times per second.

12. Light waves are currents alternating trillions of times per second.

13. All the various frequencies of alternating currents add up to the electromagnetic spectrum.

14. Due to their small intensity physicists have not been able to detect alternating currents from living bodies in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, but these currents have been detected in the ultraviolet, visible, infrared, and electrical regions.

"It is possible that as detectors become more sensitive and selective, we shall find that radio-frequency alternating currents are associated with living processes. HENCE THE STUDY OF RADIONICS!"


The basic premise presented here is not new. We can go through the list of researchers and pioneers in radionics, psionics, and psychotronics through the past century and we can see that they all understood the importance of bioresonance.

Even Nikola Tesla more than a century ago understood how a simple electrical formula for potential could apply to the human body:

V = I x R

v~electrical potential

In the case of the living body, we can treat the resistance as the physical body and the current as the bioenergetic vibration.

For thousands of years, internal martial arts practitioners understood how this works. For example, Tai Chi Chuan practitioners exercise and build the bioenergetic or "Chi" potential through meditation and "chi kung" exercises upon internal energy manipulation. Hsing Yi Chuan practitioners also learn how to build internal energy through these methods while also increasing the body's resistance for a split second in order to increase their applied potential power at any given moment.

The basic premise of manipulating internal energy for health as well as augmenting one's internal strength and immunity has been around for several millenia. At, it is our intention to explore all of these available methods.

Peace and Happy Holidays,


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