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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Splinter Groups at

I know it's been a while since I've posted here. I'm still working on the infrastructure at our new site. We're talking about over ten years of accumulated data that I have been rearranging for your convenience and to make it search engine friendly; this activity takes a crazy amount of time. I'd rather be working in the lab, providing therapy, and more useful activities, but this is the activity for now.

Funds are also weak for at the moment because a few vendors who owe us really big money have flaked; I'm hoping we do not have to resort to legal activity, but this sort of fiscal irresponsibility slows down the entire process, so I have to pursue other avenues for financing.

From now on, this blog is reserved only for relevant subject matter in the area of bioenergetics and bioresonant science. I will be giving the other sites their own blogs.

I know. I promised myself that we would concentrate on only one area, but, as you know, bioenergetics covers a wide range of topics. At least, we can focus on one topic at a time by giving each area its own blog. These separate blogs will be set up in due time according to the importance of the subject matter.

I also remember promising you (I forget how long ago, but I do remember promising) that I would provide a link to each site. Here are the sites in alphabetical order as they are now, but their links are not set in stone. Please be prepared for any changes: (not yet active) (partially active) (not yet active)

OK, these are the ten. I add to the site as time permits, but we need your support in order to stay active and up to date. What's the HealingMindN about? Well, it's healing because it was damaged, but it's still alive because it's healing.

Thanks in advance,



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