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Monday, September 03, 2007

Psionic Emotional Freedom Techniques

I need to correct myself in a previous post on my theory behind EFT. In consideration of some of the case histories I've studied, I would have to say that EFT is also based in psionics which is radionics of the mind. Here is a definition for your reference from

Radionics: Every point in space and time has a unique vibratory rate of resonance. When an object matches that particular vibratory rate, there is an instantaneous resonant connection which allows for Extra Sensory Perception, teleportation, time travel, etc.; when you know the vibratory rate of a specific person you can send a healing to them by matching that rate and transmitting energy to them. The vibratory rate of a person, place, or thing is determined by accessing their frequency via a photo, name, or personal object; radionic tuning can be done by device or by the trained human mind...

Advanced EFT practitioners are, basically, psychics who are able to hold the image or archetype of a person in mind while affecting "distant/remote" EFT healing through surrogate energy manipulation. Here are some examples:

Surrogate EFT substantially aids incontinence, anger, dementia and hearing loss.

My mother and aunt were tapping themselves, but neither would tap her when I suggested it as they didn?t think she would accept it. I decided to try surrogate tapping for her, as I am about 700 miles away.

I started early the next morning and first wanted to calm her. I pictured Grandma in my mind and focused on tapping myself on her behalf...

How to do Intentional (or Surrogate) EFT--a 4 Part Series

Ryan Kurczak has developed many useful ways to successfully perform EFT remotely. This is sometimes called intentional or surrogate tapping and is the fascinating process of mentally doing EFT for another's benefit. Serious EFT students will find this 4 part series riveting...

Stunning surrogate use of EFT during the world's largest timed cycle race

I write this letter in absolute awe of EFT and my wonderful friend, Elsie who carried me through this very difficult cycle race. Not only did she help me face my worst fear where cycling is concerned, but she also proved the magic of EFT because she sat 1,400 kilometres away from me on that day while surrogate tapping! ..

Surrogate tapping for a 2 year old with cancer

You called me a month or so ago and you told me to try tapping as if I was her. So I did the same formula as above, and I really concentrated on pretending I was her - I pictured her and I tried to feel 4 (if you know what I mean). I tapped whenever I could.

Well, about 1 week later she had another check-up and as her dad put it, "they have cleared her", she is free of all cancer, not remission, and is expected to live just as long as anyone else. Her doctors say it's incredible...

I believe these case histories are excellent proof that remote/distant/surrogate EFT is radionic in nature. The resonant connection is between the EFT practitioner and the subject in question. Some people speak of quantum entanglement or similar concerning such phenomena. I do not ascribe to the big bang theory, but it also states that all of matter began entangled with each other. Of course, quantum entanglement is involved, but this effect goes deeper since the actual radionic device in this case is the human mind.

I believe that I've already explained in detail that the human mind is actually a layer of the soul which allows access through physical and spiritual worlds. I go into detail on this subject at

The human mind is also a reflection of the fractals in nature which are holographic. In turn, this means that the mind is based on holographic integrals of fractals or holographic integral equations of fractals. In this sense, our minds contain the same sympathetic harmonies of nature. Since all minds are similar in this way, we are all able to focus and heal each other through sympathetic resonance; it's simply a matter of focus and practice.

Perhaps, you've heard of Dr. Ruth Drown who invented and patented a radionic device in the late 1930's known as a Homo-Vibra Ray based on Dr. Albert Abrahms work known as ERA (Electronic Reaction of Abrahms) which was, in essence, resonant biofeedback to an electro-neurological device.

Dr. Drown's device is utilised in a similar fashion to remote EFT. Here is a short description from p. 3 of Drown Radio-Vision:

"As a treatment device, the instrument is set at the disease rate. The patient's energy is thus focussed back into the tissue from whence it came to produce new, healthy cells to replace the old, diseased cells. This alters the vibratory rate of the diseased organ or gland; so the doctor must periodically monitor the rate of change to keep the treatment rate and instrument in resonance with the area being treated..."

Through projecting ideas and emotional intent, the surrogate EFT practitioner is doing the same by first focusing on the problem, then by steadily transitioning to the healing process through a series of resonant thought patterns. Fascinating Stuff...

I will go into further detail on this subject at

Thanks for your time..



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