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Friday, December 28, 2007

Electrodynamic profiling of genomic response in the cell

Brief Patent Description:

"A method of cellular evaluation based on the electronic nature of cells is reveled though cellular reproductions use of a magnetic force. The dynamic process of nuclear response is shown to be electronic in nature relative to DNA mediating electrons hydrogen bonding in bases pairing of DNA though out the a cell cycle and finally during metaphase one see the magnetic component of interaction. The electrostatic understanding of magnetic force is not well defined in physics in the process of electrodynamic. Cells use electrodynamic interaction within the cell are being studied as the basis and using the cell to measure and define electrodynamic interaction with the system that is biological a call. Specifically DNA thought the electronic interaction interactions. It appears infrared spectrum holds promises to help in revel these mechanisms. The promise of understanding or merely evaluation of electrodynamic interaction holds great promise to science with the greatest medical implication to understand genomic responses in cells. Understanding how the DNA interacts within a cell dynamic transition are known to take place and these are regulated thought electrodynamic interaction."

The patent claims can also be found at

This patent further verifies the postulations by Tom Bearden on Bioenergy Collectors wherein he states: "Another collector for bioenergy in a living system is the mitogenic radiation between the cells in tissue. Taken as a flux, this mitogenic radiation would seem to have both a photon nature and a nonphoton nature. The cells, in their membranes and fibrous internal structures, are continually collecting and kindling bioenergy into electron currents and photons. The electron currents represent collections from the virtual state into observable state, and may in one sense be regarded as the lifting of electrons out of the Dirac sea by direct kindling (coherent superposition of virtual state energy into observable state energy). These kindled currents are thus superpositions or modulations on the ordinary electrical activity of the cells, fibers, and membranes. The mitogenic photons are also produced by direct kindling of the virtual state into observable state, in this case, by kindling virtual state photons into observable state photons.

So it would seem that the aforementioned fresh patent takes advantage of the observable state energy occuring as measurable bioelectrodynamic vector forces - similar to Kirilian Photography, but obviously far more refined.

These works in DNA electrodynamics are further explored as a link to the mind, therefore, the emotional/intellectual state of any particular individual at the paper, Collective DNA Consciousness, wherein, state of being can be changed through intention, driven by higher states of consciousness.

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