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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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Only for Way of the MindGate Subscribers

I have a special value added package for anyone who purchases Mind Stereo through my eBay ad. Please have a look at this ad.

Besides the extras that I'm offering in this ad, I was wondering what else I could do for Way of the MindGate Subscribers who purchase Mind Stereo. Here's my plan:

Send me your receipt from Transparent Corporation and I will write a Morton Erickson type story just for you and narrate that story in your own NLP video - made just for you. I'll put it on a DVD and mail it to you - as my Holiday Gift to You.

Of course, there's only one of me, so it's first come, first served. Along with your full name and address, I also need you to answer the following questions with full sentences, so I can create your personal NLP video:

* Where is your favorite place in the whole world?
* How would you describe this place?
* What is important to you about this place?
* How do you feel when you are in this place?
* How many people usually share this experience with you at your favorite place?

As far as what your NLP Video will do for you, this depends on your answers, but I can definitely promise you a supernatural experience.

If you've seen my work, then you know that like to research things deeply. I like to go into strange places. And I guarantee you that you DO have something very strange that happened some where near you that is deeply connected to you and your family - things that you probably never knew existed.

You might think that I'm out to scare you, but it's past Halloween. My intention is Your Enlightment and Your Revelation. And I also like to get testimonials for my work, so I'm out to Impress You. This video is your living mandala - and this offer is available only until December 2nd, 2008.

For now, please subscribe to Way of the MindGate Newsletter,

then get a copy of Mind Stereo, so you can share with friends and family:

Then, I will make arrangements with you to create your HealingMindN NLP video. I promise to impress you as my special Holiday Gift to You.

Remember, first come, first served - there's only one of me. This offer is only good until December 2nd.

Thanks for your time.

Randolph (HealingMindN)


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