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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

See the latest ballroom dance competition video from 2 March 2008 at the the San Jose Dance Sport Center features the awesome choreography of Annie Schmitt, Jennifer Davis, David Canavese, Hans Schmitt, Miles Ogata, and more!

This high energy video features "Sadeness (US Violent version)" by Enigma. This song was modulated on an extremely low frequency carrier in Mind Stereo. The resonant visuals accompany the modulations in the background.

What you will discover about photic stimulation is that it leaves an indelible impression on your psyche by consistently flashing images on your retina. This is how movie trailers work their marketing mojo on you.

It's best to watch this video in full stereo, so you can experience the complete frequency following effect. For stereo effects visit MetaCafe: or Veoh: Yahoo and might also be stereo. Just look up "Ballroom Dance Competition, Trance Version."

To learn more about brainwave entrainment and photic stimulation, please visit Binaural Harmonics at Thanks for Visiting!

Randolph, HealingMindN Medicine Man


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