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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Special offer for Way of the MindGate Subscribers

There's a very special surprise offer coming for Way of the MindGate Subscribers. The offer has to do with personalised hypnosis and brainwave entrainment towards your self improvement, is first come, first served, and is worth at least US$100.

On top of this, Way of the MindGate Subscribers get an array of free reports upon confirming their subscription:

* 100% Subliminal Force Technique
* Cult Recruitment on the Web
* Law of Attraction
* Multiple Mentality Course
* One Sentence Persuasion
* Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
* Rex / Sikes Ultimate NLP Home Study Course
* Subconscious Programming for Maximum Results
* Whammy

The offer I am making to subscribers on this personalised hypnosis, brainwave entrainment special is going to happen today. Please join Way of the MindGate Subscribers and take advantage of this amazing offer towards your self improvement.

Please click the following link to find out more about your Way of the MindGate:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Healing Thoughts, HealingMindN



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