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Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Train Your Brain against Chronic Pain and Stress

Healing Relief from Pain using Ambient Wind and Rain

03.22.2010 – (Mtn. View, CA) Randolph Fabian Directo has poured years of research into his brainwave entrainment programs. Haunting Wind, Healing Rain is his latest work for relieving chronic pain.

Randolph implements clinically proven neuroscience technology in his programs; he also incorporates mathematical elements of nature which makes them effective, yet easy on the ears. specializes in personal improvement products. Under his webonym, HealingMindN, Randolph has produced guided meditation, NLP, and brainwave entrainment videos which has gathered loyal followers including subscribers to his newsletter, Way of the MindGate. His true joy comes from producing esoteric tools for personal growth and healing.

Deemed as "digital drugs" by certain audiences, Randolph enjoys processing natural ambient atmospheres as much as people love listening to them. He has produced a sleep induction program for insomniacs and a power nap program for healing and athletic recovery within thunderstorm soundscapes.

A pinnacle of his discoveries was reached with an ambient ocean atmosphere riding on advanced neuroscience technology to help the listener reach a meditative trance to sense the spiritual realm. Randolph is building an album of new age Native American Songs which are also a form of brainwave entrainment.

Haunting Wind and Healing Rain are exactly the main ingredients of his latest program. The light rain modulating upon the sub-delta patterns are highly noticeable at first. Chronic pain and stress are promised to fade away as the hour long program progresses. Pain relief using Haunting Wind, Healing Rain is natural without side effects; it can also be used for enhanced meditation.

Riding on the heals of Haunting Wind, Healing Rain is the soon to be released project, BrainStorm Trifecta; these programs are especially made for students to help with concentration, creative focus, and mental acuity.

The natural "buzz" provided by BrainStorm Trifecta is highly preferred to the deleterious side effects of chemical stimulants. You can listen to samples and get more information including a special discount available through

About HealingMindN

Randolph Fabian Directo has produced a number of NLP videos for the web and is the managing editor at, a website based in self improvement. He has studied the works of psychoenergetics experts such as Gregg Braden, Preston Nichols, Gerald O'Donnell, and Dr. William Tiller.

Randolph is schooled in remote viewing and ancient eastern forms of meditation, has a bachelors in functional therapy and is a certified oriental sports trainer with emphasis in Chinese Medical Theory.


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