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Friday, January 07, 2011

Cryptic 2011 New Year Message from GOD by GO’D on Humanity

The “seeds” you plant in the world around are your thoughts, your ideas, your concepts. Your thoughts may resonate with others, maybe not always with the people closest to you, but they do resonate.

Perhaps, your thoughts include life positive solutions. Or Your thoughts may be more about taking advantage of someone to make money. (I hope you are focused on life positive solutions.) Your thoughts have everything to do with the way you present yourself and the people you meet. We draw certain types of people into our lives according to our thought patterns.

For this reason, our thought patterns are the correlation between cause and effect in our lives. We understand where we are going because we (hopefully) understand our thought patterns. We understand that good attracts good and so on.

By the same token, I can only hope that you want love and “light,” that is, enlightenment or wisdom, goodness, and health in your life; this means you want to spread love and light to others who are part of the great river of life, so they may, someday, bring love and light back to you especially when you need it the most.

I hope that you want to bring joy and fulfillment to others knowing that those who resonate with you reflect joy and fulfillment back to you in manifold ways.

In doing these things, we are focused on “The Big Picture.” Although we cannot completely fathom the plans of the Divine Creator as far as “The Big Picture,” at least we can tap into the endless supply of positive energies in the universe or “the Light Source” by becoming part of it...

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