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Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to Practice Bravery, Courage, and Wisdom

I hope this third and final installment on courage IS an open book to all who find it. WE, all of us, gain important personality facets through example and the impression those examples make in our minds. For example, there are real life heroes who demonstrate bravery.

For lack of personal examples within our own lives, we look to celebrities, historical figures or even fictional characters to inspire our courage in the form of anecdotes. We are inspired by stories that resonate with us at a deep level.

In the following segment, Jim McElwee elaborates upon courage as a relative concept. As in the anecdote on George Meyer, he was emotionally engrossed about a “fear” that most others would consider inconsequential. All things relative, let’s “open the book” on bravery and courage:


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