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Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Arguement for Your Paranormal Abilities

Scientific Evidence

I prefer to work with people who are inspired to achieve the same goals as myself. You obviously feel inspired to be here, but I want something more from you: I want you to have confidence. You, like everyone else, have the potential to remote influence the world around you.

Since you’re here, you already have confidence that psychic powers exist, but how can you prove it to yourself and to others?

First, you may want scientific evidence. When I first got interested in psi phenomena, I was looking for a way to explain my experiences. I didn’t need proof; it’s possible that you are also like me, in search of explanations for your experiences.

Paranormal Researchers like Dr. William Tiller have been looking into these phenomena for decades in a clinical setting. In this summary of Dr. Tiller’s research, “Tiller et al’s Research vs. Today’s Establishment Science Research,” he indicates the following relationship:

Our scientific research, which we call psychoenergetic science is an attempt to expand this picture of nature to deal with the next more complex reaction equation:

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